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Linens Overview

S.B. Bon has Southwest Missouri’s largest selection of fine event rental linens. Our mission is to provide you with design services and affordable, high quality products that showcase your style, personality, and attention to detail.

In our local showroom, we can take your ideas and inspiration and show you many options with linens that we actually have in stock until you have the perfect look for your event. Not limited to weddings alone, S.B. Bon has a great selection of linens. SBBon has Southwest Missoui’s largest selection of fine event rental linens including:

  • Floorlength tablecloths in satin, taffeta, cotton/poplin and print fabrics
  • Chair covers in many styles and colors
  • Accent napkins in 40 colors
  • Table overlays and runners in elegant and vintage fabrics
  • Seasonal and themed linens
  • Custom designed linens
  • Beautiful chair belts and sashes/ties for chair embellishment

Linens Frequently Asked Questions

When in the planning process should I order linens?
 As soon as you know where your event will be as well as the style of your event, you should begin your search for linens.  We recommend that you do this before you select flowers.
Full length tablecloths seem to now be the standard for special events. Would most guests prefer to be seated at a table with lap-length tablecloths?
 Full length or floor length tablecloths do add elegance to an event just like wearing a long dress on your wedding day does.  You might prefer to wear jeans for comfort but on this day comfort is not what you want…it is the look!  Be sure and note when you are visiting potential  event  sites if the venue provides floor length tablecloths as most do not.  To know what constitutes floor length refer to this chart:
  • 6 ft. round (“10-topper” or tied bistro) 132”
  • 5 ft. round (“8-topper” or untied bistro) 120”
  • 6 ft. rectangle (referred to as a banquet table) 90”x132”
  • 8 ft. rectangle (referred to as a banquet table) 90”x156”
My wedding coordinator has a book of samples from a large out of town company. Why should I consider getting linens from a local company versus selecting something from out of town?
You need to see a tablecloth on a table fully set in order to know if you are going to be happy with it. At SBBon, you can see the tablecloths in their showroom and work with the actual tablecloths you will be renting to get just the right look.   Secondly, the out of town linens will arrive in a box and have to be ironed or professionally steamed to remove the wrinkles and look nice.  This equates to cost and time, neither of which you want to spend more of on your special day.  SBBon linens are ironed, stored, and transported on hangers to eliminate the need to iron or steam cloths on site.  Greater selection may be another reason cited by wedding coordinators to use an out of town company.  With over 4000 tablecloths in stock, hundreds of table overlays, toppers, and runners, chair covers in 7 colors and multiple styles, as well as napkins in 40 colors, SBBon has the greatest selection in this region for you to find a great look.  If SBBon does not have what you are wanting, talk to us about custom designing linens for you.  We are the only local company in town that has a commercial production facility to make any linen you might need.  The last reason to use SBBon is simply cost.  SBBon offers most of the same linens as the out of town companies at a significantly lower price.   Additionally, some wedding planners and event coordinators upcharge linen orders from out of town companies.  If you are looking for something specific and have only found it at an out of town company, let SBBon know and we will see if we can order it for you as one of the services we provide.  We will not upcharge you for this service.
Do I have to clean the linens before I return them?
No.  SBBon will provide tubs or baskets to place the dirty linens in for return transport.
It is hard to estimate what I am going to need before my RSVP’s come in.
Every bride and event planner have this dilemma.  We encourage you to order linens based on the number of guests you anticipate.  As numbers of guests and details of your room set-up come together, we can make adjustments in you linen order.  It is best to reserve what you want early to assure availability and modify as necessary.
Do I have to clean the linens before I return them?
Absolutely!  We gladly provide samples of linens that you have ordered when we have samples available.
Do your chair covers fit all types of chairs?
The short answer is “no”.  There are two basic types, those for folding chairs and those for stacking banquet chairs.  Banquet stacking chairs come in over 20 different styles and sizes so it is important to find chair covers that fit the specific chair you are covering.   A poorly fitting chair cover gives your event a sloppy appearance.  Be wary of a universal chair cover that “fits all chairs”.  There has never been a piece of clothing designed that looks good on every body style and size.  Since SBBon is a local company, we are familiar with what style and size fits most chairs in the region.  If we are unsure, we will gladly take chair covers you are considering and go on-site for a trial fit.