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Flowers Overview

The creativity and quality of our floral division can transform your event into a beautiful and memorable experience.  Having the linen, dinnerware, and floral divisions under one roof affords you the hassle-free opportunity to create the look in one stop.
For the do-it-yourselfers, we have a large variety of glass vases, silver tabletop candelabras, and other unique items such as antique birdcages, Chinese pedestals, wrought iron candle sticks, and silver trumpet vases for rent that compliment your creations.

We take pride in our fresh flower bouquets that are beautifully made with the freshest of flowers.  We gladly add “bling”, special ribbon, or sentimental items to the bride or bridesmaid bouquets to make them personal.  No mass-produced looks with SBBon bouquets!  Our life-like silk bouquets for the bride who wants a non-allergic, weather proof, or permanent option are second to none!

Tasteful arrangements are available for corporate events when you want to make an impression while maintaining a professional and conservative look.  Let our floral designers create samples for you to preview so you know what to expect for your hosted occasions. Centerpieces and altar arrangments for weddings are designed with your budget and style in mind. We offer options that help extend your floral budget without sacrificing the “wow” factor. SBBon has experience decorating most venues in this region and can advise you on what works well at each site.

Flowers Frequently Asked Questions

What factors affect the cost of a bride’s bouquet?
Bouquets vary in size and in the number and type of flowers used as well as in the design. Having a variety of flowers especially from the lily and orchid families also boosts cost. Expect to pay around 150.00 for a beautifully designed bouquet of in season, non-exotic flowers.
Are silk bouquets an acceptable alternative to fresh flowers?
There is no substitute for fresh floral bouquets. However, there are circumstances when you may want to consider a silk bouquet:
  • If you are allergic to the pollens of fresh flowers
  • If you are going to be in excessive heat conditions
  • When you want to use an exotic flower in quantities that would be cost prohibitive if done in fresh
  • You are a sentimentalist and want to keep your bouquet just as it looked on your wedding day
  • You plan to travel a long distance for the ceremony and are unsure of the skills or availability of the local florist at your destination
Are silk flowers a less expensive alternative to fresh flowers?
As a general rule, a silk bouquet costs about the same as its counterpart in fresh.
I have heard that it is smart to get married around the holidays because the church and wedding reception venue are already decorated.
Holiday weddings are a great option if you want holiday décor or your colors are red and green. Be mindful that some holiday decorations may not be as tastefully done as you would like and in some cases, the church and reception sites will not let you take down their decorations. If you are planning a wedding between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, find out what their holiday décor is and their policy regarding removing their decorations for your event before you sign a contract.
Is there a rule about the height for table centerpieces?
There used to be a rule that a centerpiece should be no higher than 15-18 inches to allow for cross-table conversation. However, as the party moves from the dinner hour to the dance phase, cross-table conversation gives way to the loud party music. The height of centerpieces really is a non-issue. It is more important to scale the centerpieces according to the table size and ceiling height. The taller the ceilings, the taller some of your centerpieces should be.
Is it OK to have a lot of different centerpieces?
Having a variety of centerpieces does give visual interest to your event. The larger the event, the more variety you can have. If you have too many styles with a smaller event, it can simply look chaotic and not purposeful.
Even when you opt to have several centerpiece styles, there should be something in common between all the styles….either some of the same flowers, some of the same colors, or some of the same container shapes or materials.
Can I save a lot of money by doing my own bouquets and centerpieces?
Perhaps. However, you must consider the time it will take during the last critical 48 hours before your event and the stress it will place on you if something does not go well. This is clearly a task that you should leave to the professionals. Consider it a gift to yourself.
Should I take pictures to my florist of bouquets and centerpieces I like?
Absolutely. This is always helpful to know what you like. However, it is always good to be open to other ideas and suggestions your florist may have that may save you money or help you create the look you want. At SBBon, we welcome ideas you have “pinned” and can show you silk reproductions of actual fresh bouquets to examine and hold as you are considering size, style and colors of your bouquets.