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Event Planning Overview

Many individuals may have never planned a special event.  It may be an important event that has many people and details that must come together at the precise time, and is expensive.

SBBon understands how important it is for you to enjoy the event as much as your guests and provides the following professional event planning services:

  • Securing venue (s) for your event
  • Developing and helping you to adhere to a budget
  • Recommending vendors who will provide the services you are going to need
  • Establishing a time line and room layout(s) for the event
  • Assisting in selecting the linens, flowers, décor and lighting
  • Executing the plan on the day of the event
  • Problem solving when unplanned situations arise
  • Following up with vendors before and after the event
  • Supervising and directing the entire implementation team to assure your desires are carried out

SBBon offers several levels of event planning from full-service to what is known as “day-of” planning.   The fee structure is based on an initial consultation to determine the size, location and complexity of the event.   A written contract will outline what is included and the fee structure for the planning services.  Just a note:   Even if you do not specifically hire SBBon to help you with the planning, SBBon is always glad to recommend vendors and answer questions as part of their everyday customer service.

Event Planning Frequently Asked Questions

Does every wedding need a professional planner?
No.  Consider the following circumstances as possible reasons to hire a professional wedding planner:
  • The size of your event.  The amount of coordination and detail grows exponentially with the number of guests
  • The complexity of your wedding
  • Planning a long distance wedding
  • Complex family structures and dynamics
  • Avoiding  anxiety and stress
How do I find a good planner?
It is important to match the personality and style of the planner with yours.  This relationship is likely to last for many months and open, honest communication and basic compatibility are a must.  Interview a prospective planner just as you would any other job applicant.
I want to be in control of my wedding and don’t want someone else telling me how it should be.
Yes.  You are paying a planner to offer advice based on their knowledge of the industry but not to make decisions for you.  If you begin to feel like it is the planner’s wedding, talk it over immediately.
Are planners expensive?
In this region, fees usually start around 800.00 and can go up to 3500.00 or more.  If out-of-town travel is involved, usual and customary travel expenses are reimbursed.
Will a planner set up my event?
Not usually.  Most often there is a separate set-up team that actually places linens, florals, and other accessories in the set-up process.  The wedding planner needs to be available to check on other activities and problem solve other situations as they come up.