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Dinnerware Overview

After you have selected your linens, let SBBon help you select dinnerware that compliments the style of your event.   Check out our quality and prices for flatware, glassware, china and charger plates.
  The 18/10 gauge European style flatware is a beautiful addition to both sophisticated soirees, classic formal dinners, and casual relaxed events.  Also available is mismatched vintage flatware which adds a whimsical or charming detail.

Likewise dishes are available in a simple white porcelain square/round style for appetizers, salad, soup, hot beverages, dessert, and main entrees.  Over 300 place settings of vintage mismatched dishes are available to provide that special touch for luncheons, tea parties, or casual dinners.  Standard glassware comes in stemmed water goblets, oversized white wine, oversized red wine, iced tea goblets, martini glasses, champagne flutes and Irish coffee mug styles.  Elegant cut crystal stems are available in both the water goblet and universal wine stem styles.  Charger plates are used on tables for many types of events.  Whether you are serving heavy hors d’oevres, a buffet, or a plated meal, chargers give you that finished and polished look.  Chargers are available in black, gold, and silver.  There are limited numbers of dark red, bronze, and brown alligator style chargers. There are napkin rings which coordinate with the charger plates as well as beaded styles for more elegant events.

Dinnerware Frequently Asked Questions

Will my caterer provide dinnerware as part of my order or will I need to do that?
Many caterers provide dishes, flatware, and glasses with their order.  You should ask this question as you meet with potential caterers.  Find out if they use real or disposables as this is a very important detail.
If I need to rent dinnerware, how do I know what I need?
You will need to order dinnerware according to the number of tables you will be setting not the exact number of guests you are anticipating.  It is also best to order a few extra pieces of everything in case a guest or server drops an item.
Will the dishes we rent from SBBon be ready to use?
Yes.  All dishware is sanitized, sealed, and ready to be used.
Do I need to wash dishes before returning them?
Yes.  Dishes should be washed and removed of all food matter when they are returned.  They do not have to be sanitized and resealed.  Most dinnerware items rented by SBBon are transported in dishwasher ready containers.  If there is a commercial dishwasher onsite, cleaning dishes is simple.   SBBon charges an additional fee to wash dishes if there are no dishwashing facilities available where the event is being held.
I am interested in renting vintage dishware. Do you have vintage styles?
Yes.  SBBon has full place settings of mismatched vintage dinnerware, including dinner plates, salad plates, dessert plates, stemmed glasses, cups and saucers, as well as flatware.  This adds charm and nostalgia to any event!
I love the look of charger plates but I am planning on having a buffet. Can I still use chargers?
Yes.  Charger plates which come in several colors help fill and decorate a table.  The actual plates used for food will be located on the buffet line.  Most guests simply fill their plates from the buffet and place them directly on top of the charger plates.  If you are using chargers for a plated or served  meal, the salad plate will be placed on the charger plate then the servers will remove the salad plate along with the charger before serving the dinner entrée.  This is because the plates are usually hotter when brought out directly by the server.
Should the flatware and napkins be placed on the buffet table or should I pre-set my tables?
It is not wrong to put them on the buffet table but your guest will be glad not to have to juggle additional items and your tables will be more inviting to already have those items arranged.