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Decor & Lighting Overview

Whether you are needing a simple back-drop to frame the head table or looking to transform a large space into something magical, SBBon has many draping options for you to consider.

SBBon uses high quality fabrics for our draping many of which coordinate with our elegant line of tablecloths.  Additionally, we offer elegant draping options using long strings of crystal beads, add dramatic lighting and the look is breathtaking.  Lighting options which include wall uplights, color wall washes, table-top spots and focus spotlights to highlight add drama to any object or station for an event. SBBon also has a wide variety of lighted crystal chandeliers. From our 18 foot tall crystal columns to our whimsical vintage birdcage chandeliers we have ceiling lighting options to accent any style of wedding.  Our traditional crystal drop chandeliers are popular with all styles of weddings.

Decor & Lighting Frequently Asked Questions

What purpose does draping serve?
Draping is most often used to create interest on the ceiling or to conceal undesirable structures either on a wall or ceiling.  Draping can also be an effective adjunct to lighting by providing a surface from which to bounce light, thus creating ambiance and drama.
Is draping expensive?
Yes.  As you are considering venues, if you think draping is going to be necessary to make you happy with that venue, consult SBBon for an estimate so you will know what your actual cost is going to be before you sign a contract.  Also note venues have guidelines about what may be hung from their ceilings so you will need to ask those critical questions.
What determines the cost of draping?
The cost is determined by what is needed in the way of the type of draping material, the amount of draping material, the type of equipment, and the labor.
What type of material is most often used for draping?
A variety of materials are used.  Satins are heavy but give off a beautiful sheen from which to bounce light.  Other semi-sheer fabrics are used especially if weight is a concern.  Tuille does not have the draping qualities necessary to give you the elegant look and gives a rather “dated” look.   Crystal beading can also be beautiful if your budget permits.
Is it possible to do my own draping?
It is certainly possible to put up your own back drop but ceiling draping is more complicated.  If you have the knowledge and equipment to do ceiling draping yourself, SBBon will rent the long fabric draping panels to you.
How do I add that feeling of warmth and character to an otherwise rather institutional banquet room?
Most of the time, you are considering a venue during daylight hours.  Many rooms take on a completely different character in the evening when the lights are dimmed so it is helpful to actually see a room with lighting the way it will appear at the time of day your event will be held.   Then, you can determine what you may still need in the way of draping and lighting to give the space character and warmth.  Because SBBon is knowledgeable about venues in this region, we can help advise you on the atmosphere of most venues.
Why is lighting becoming such a focus for events?
Interior designers long ago recognized the importance of lighting for both functionality of a space and for creating the right mood.  Event planners likewise are using lighting to create a dramatic mood.  Talk with the event designers at SBBon to see what lighting might be available to take your event to the next level.  However, large spaces with tall ceilings require the expertise of companies who specialize in this.  SBBon recommends and works with a company who is able to provide that “Platinum wedding” look with their lighting options.